the best 45 business ideas in 2011

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ok, from the title, i know it is already too old to discuss about what’s happening in 2011. but this business ideas below could give us any new ideas for starting business in 2013. and i got the list from

check the list below :

  1. Career coach – Today’s job search is different than it was even a year ago. In this competitive market, job seekers need all the help they can get. Enter the career coach. From drafting a résumé to salary negotiations, career coaches help job seekers in every step of the process to provide an edge over other candidates.
  2. Personal social media consultant – Anyone applying for college, a job or building a relationship with a business partner should expect their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to be scrutinized. You want to stand out from the crowd, but in a good way. Personal social media consultants help individuals use social media to highlight their expertise and position themselves as an expert in their field while downplaying any negatives.
  3. Memory organizer – For as long as there have been cameras, parents have been documenting birthdays, holidays and first days of school. But instead of an album, those memories get stuck in digital cameras, video cameras, flash drives, computers and online photo- sharing services.
  4. Invasive species pest management  – The stink bug and long-horned beetle and other tough pests have opened the doors to a new type of specialist—the invasive species pest management business.
  5. Tablet app development  – The iPad started the tablet craze, but Motorola, Samsung, Kindle and others are breaking into the market. Where there are tablets, there is a need for apps.The rise of the tablet is opening up new avenues for those with a software background to help businesses market themselves in new ways.
  6. Online video production – A viral video can take a little-known brand and make it an Internet sensation. As brand managers recognize the power of the medium beyond television ads, this is an opportunity for everyone from telecommunications specialists to film school majors to turn their creative talents into a business opportunity.
  7. Specialty foods provider – The demand for gluten-free, organic, low sodium and lactose-free products continues to grow as more and more Americans follow restricted diets by choice or necessity.
  8. Online privacy management consultant – Hackers are becoming more brazen and the lackluster economy has only made them more determined to get a hold of sensitive consumer information that they can sell.
  9. PR for socially responsible businesses – Small businesses that make doing the right thing part of their business model need to get the word out about their good deeds.
  10. Personal concierge – For those among us with more money than time, a personal concierge can pay bills, pick up the kids or do the grocery shopping. Entrepreneurs can quickly turn a profit in this business with little investment, according to a recent study by the International Concierge and Lifestyle Management Association.
  11. Senior care services – While some seniors require advanced medical care, many just need help with day-to-day activities — or just a little companionship. According to research from Home Instead, a senior care franchise, the nation’s senior population will grow to 72 million by 2025.
  12. Resale retail – The recent recession forced many Americans to adopt thrifty shopping habits, including hunting for everything from clothes and house wares to sporting goods and antiques at thrift stores.
  13. Home day care – With the cost of day care rising, many parents are looking for inexpensive yet safe alternatives. If you keep your child headcount below a certain number you don’t need a license in many places, enabling you to start a business and stay home with your own kids.
  14. Yard work – With little more than some work gloves, a rake and a ladder, you could be in business. Landscapers will cut the grass, but homeowners want to leave the weeding, planting, snow removal and other time-consuming tasks for someone else, and that someone could  be you.
  15. Affordable Computer maintenance – With the proliferation of tablets, smartphones and laptops for every member of the family, there are lots of opportunities to provide private computer services such as anti-virus software installation, desktop cleanups, software downloads and printer hookups.
  16. Cleaning service – Are you one of those people that love to clean? If so, you may be sitting on a gold mine. Cleaning people who work for themselves can make $30 to $40 per hour. Recession or not, there are plenty of people still looking for a little domestic assistance.
  17. Energy efficiency consultant – Homeowners and businesses, especially, are looking for any way they can to cut costs, but figuring out how to lower energy expenses isn’t as easy as you might think.
  18. Recycler – Your average homeowner doesn’t always know where or how to recycle the stuff they’ve got. A good local advertising campaign and a pickup truck are all you’d need to start buying or simply offering to remove scrap metal, old computers, electronics, ink cartridges and other recyclable materials. You’ll be making a profit and doing the Earth a favor, too.
  19. Pet sitter – Recession or not, pets are people, too (or so many a pet owner believes). If you love animals, are reliable, organized and trustworthy, there’s no shortage of work for you. The more satisfied customers you have, the more quickly your business will grow. Nothing soothes an antsy pet owner more than a good recommendation from another animal lover.
  20. Organizer – If there’s one thing to be learned from the glut of reality shows dealing with hoarding, it’s that Americans have too much stuff. And, many junk collectors don’t have the time or skills required to organize it all. If you like to organize and create order out of chaos, then starting an organizing business could be for you.
  21. Virtual assistant
    Many companies let go of their full time administrative assistants during the recession. Now, they need help, but can’t afford a full time person. If you’ve got a background in administrative work but want to work for yourself, this might be a perfect time to break out on your own. Virtual assistants work remotely and do all the things a business owner or manager doesn’t have time to do, such as open and answer emails, follow up with customers, invoice customers or pay bills.
  22. Remote bookkeeper – During the recession, many companies cut their employee headcount to the bare minimum. Very few businesses, however, can live without a bookkeeper. But, that doesn’t mean they have to have one on staff. If you’ve got a background in accounting or bookkeeping, you can offer remote bookkeeping servicesand, in many cases, do most of the work from home.
  23. Translator – As America becomes increasingly multilingual, everyone from doctors to insurance companies find themselves in need of foreign language speakers to help interact with their customers. If you can speak a foreign language, are organized and can come up with a good marketing plan, you may find you have more work than you can handle.
  24. Cost cutter – Ever notice how your phone bill seems to creep up ever so slowly and before you know it, you’re paying $50 more a month than you agreed to? So does everyone else. The problem is, few people have time to go over their bills with a fine-tooth comb and call and argue with the provider. A cost cutter does this for businesses and can help them save thousands. Cost cutters need an eye for detail and a good sales pitch.
  25. Social media consultant – If you’re one of those Gen Y types to whom using social media comes as naturally as breathing, you may have a career as a social media consultant. There’s no doubt that social media presents an unprecedented marketing opportunity for businesses, but only if they know how to use it. If you can help existing businesses integrate social media into their other marketing campaigns, you should have no trouble making a go of it.
  26. Copywriter – Search engines favor websites with new, relevant and constantly updated content and most businesses don’t have time to devote to generating copy all day. If you’ve got a background in writing, English or journalism, you might find there’s a lot of demand for your services. Between Web content, blog entries and press releases, there’s lots of writing to be done.
  27. Health insurance consultant – Many companies can’t afford a full- time human resources person, and dealing with the complicated nuances of health insurance is more than most administrative assistants have time to deal with. That’s why more and more companies will be looking for outside services to help them wade through the minutia of health plans and premiums.
  28. Home Renovation – The real estate market has been in the toilet for three-and-a-half years now. It’s hard to sell a house and if you can’t sell, you can’t buy. Furthermore, a lot of people just can’t get a mortgage. That’s good news for anyone in the renovation business. People are being forced to stay in their homes and many are getting anxious for a little sprucing up. From flooring to roofing, homeowners are looking to do a little repair and updating.
  29. Tree care – If you’ve tried to call a tree service lately, you probably already know there’s a big gap between supply and demand. Increasingly severe weather in all parts of the country is causing tree damage that only professionals can repair.
  30. Taxi service – Cars are expensive. Car insurance is expensive. Gas is expensive. And there are a lot of people without a steady income. The result is that more people are looking for less-expensive ways to get where they need to go. In suburbs with limited mass transit, taxis are just about the only alternative.
  31. Local farming – People are increasingly conscious about eating healthy and eating local. For many, however, locally grown produce, meat, milk and eggs are hard to find. Urban and suburban backyard farming has already staged a comeback. Now, it’s time for the small time commercial farmer.
  32. Commuting service – Car pooling saves money on gas and tolls and, in many places, gives commuters access to high-occupancy-vehicle lanes, saving lots of time on commuting. The problem is that organizing your own car pool can be very difficult. A car-pool service that provides commuters with easy access to a low-cost ride stands a great chance of making it for the long haul (so to speak).
  33. Residential environmental-assessment service – People are increasingly aware of and concerned about indoor pollution. Fumes from paint, carpets, kitchen cabinets and furniture are of concern. Radon, electro-magnetic fields, lead toys and wireless and cell phone radiation are all concerns, too. The problem is, it’s very hard for your average homeowner to figure out how to test for each of these concerns. Local health, children’s, baby and environmental fairs would provide ample marketing opportunities for a business that offered a reasonably priced home-health assessment.
  34. Small-biz social media – By now, small business owners know that they need social media to promote their businesses. However, few have time to figure out exactly what to do and how to do it. Most social-media consultancies have “expensive” written all over them. Asocial-media consultant who could offer an a la carte menu of reasonably priced services to local mom-and-pop businesses that have yet to embrace Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn would be the toast of their virtual town.
  35. Interior design – If you can’t move, redecorate! That’s what a lot of people are thinking right about now. After nearly four years of sitting around on the same Cheetos-stained sofa, lots of people are antsy for a new look. Traditional decorators, however, are still the domain of the rich and chandeliered. For the rest of the HGTV-watching world, a decorator who can achieve Trump style on a Target budget stands a chance at making it big.
  36. Education consultant – College isn’t as simple as it used to be. Now, parents and prospective students must wade through a long list of academic choices including four-year colleges, two-year colleges, online courses, for-profit colleges and trade schools. As education offerings keep expanding and changing, busy parents need some help figuring out how to navigate the higher-education waters. A consultant with a background in education who can simplify the process will be at the head of the class.
  37. Kids consignment shop – Everyone’s looking for a way to save money and what better way than to buy your kids’ clothes for less and sell their old clothes back. Kids consignment shops can include baby equipment, clothes, furniture and books. Best of all, the inventory is cheap and, in most cases, you don’t have to pay for it until the items have sold. For the cost of the monthly rent and a marketing plan you could be in business in no time.
  38. Local Internet marketing consultant – Small businesses know they have to get online, but finding the time to figure out how is proving a real challenge for small business owners of every stripe. If you’re Internet-savvy and know how local businesses can harness the power of local search, coupon pages and social media, you could be helping small business owners promote their companies online.
  39. App designer – Research continues to prove that mobile apps or mobile Web browsersare a must for businesses of all kinds. But most don’t have the in-house teams to create them. Smaller companies also don’t have the budget to hire an expensive firm to create their apps. An app designer could specialize in creating apps for one or two industries and build a strong following.
  40. Green consultant – Consumers want to buy from companies that are making efforts to turn their operations “green,” or eco-friendly. In fact, research has shown that consumers are willing to pay more for green products. Big companies often have whole staffs and outside consulting firms dedicated to that cause. Small business owners don’t have those kinds of resources, but many would still like to find ways to be more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. A green consultant would meet with clients, review their environmental impact and make recommendations on how they can cut their energy use, waste and costs.
  41. Off-hours child care – Ever tried to find child care on a Saturday afternoon? Unless you’ve got a standing relationship with a babysitter – and even then, it can be hard – there are few places you can count on for evening or weekend child care. Most states allow you to operate a home child care business and there’s little competition and a great need for off-hours care. Licensing requirements are different based on your state, but many don’t require a license as long as you keep below the minimum number of children.
  42. Ecommerce warehouse/shipping  – E-commerce is a huge business, and it’s an especially appealing one for small business owners who can’t afford to rent a retail space. The problem, of course, is that packing and shipping all those orders can be a real hassle. Many e-commerce companies would like to outsource this function to a third party who can keep the inventory in stock and ship orders as they come in.
  43. Business security consultant – Just about every company has a website that has the potential to collect data from its customers. Furthermore, many businesses store their customers’ data, personal information – even credit card numbers – in their company computers. Most small companies can’t afford to hire a full-time data security specialist. That’s where your home security consulting business comes in.
  44. Party business – We might be in a recession, but many parents will still spend big bucks to throw their kid a great birthday party. While they could just throw a party at home, many people don’t have the time or energy to pull it off. That’s where a kids’ party business comes in.
  45. Tablet repair – These days, it seems as though everybody has a tablet, but have you ever tried to get one fixed? It’s not as easy as you think. In fact, recent research revealed that it costs almost as much to repair a tablet as it does to buy a new one. If you’re capable of servicing and fixing this kind of technology, there’s going to be a big demand for reasonably priced tablet repair. Especially, if you’re willing to make house calls.

that’s all, hope it helps 🙂

Fashion Trend Forecasting

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this time, there will be several images in this blog review. why? because this blog is really interesting and very eye-catching. in the first page, there are shockwave that can move alternately. like the picture below :

Image provides a suite of trend services and products designed to help you translate the latest fashion and lifestyle trends into best sellers.

Fashion, creative and marketing professionals worldwide subscribe to’s online memberships for insider access to the most directional fashion trends and forecasts.


I think this blog have an Interesting page,there are  many display images which moves alternately like i said above so that the reader becomes not bored to read. in terms of the contents ,here showing what fashion trends now and how fashion trend in the the next time.

this blog is a heaven for fashionista in the world because the blog really discuss about the trends for the next season.

furthermore, this blog is already  available in mobile that could make their reader easier to reach them.

enjoy the blog by the way! have a good day 🙂



well hello there!

image above is a blog that i will review this time, it is

first of all, i like the look of the blog, it is very simple, like “it’s my style” hehe with a nice combination color, pink – yellow – and blue ^^

In my opinion,this blog have a lot of topic in the page,but definitely,this blog give us information about your life in 2012 an 2013 including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and home and personal care.furthermore this blog can determine a hot topic in menu trend report,it can made blogger easy to what’s the trend in every detail in our life. But unfortunately ,the weakness is the blog is too over to show all about report or information in the page,it can made people or blogger confused to choose the topic and make feel  bored because the page is too long.

thanks people! 🙂

toprankblog – online marketing blog

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this evening, as usual, i would like to review a blog. well the blog is is an online marketing blog, and when i first see and scroll down the page, it is all about marketing. on their ‘about page’ they said that this blog started from Toprank online marketing which is TopRank Online Marketing is a digital marketing agency founded by Lee Odden and Susan Misukanis that helps companies increase sales, brand visibility online and develop better customer engagement.

Examples of our online marketing consulting work include:

  • We’ve helped a B2C fabric retailer increase web site traffic through search engine optimization by over 200% with 80% of coming from search engines.
  • We’ve helped a start-up B2B marketing automation software company grow to over 1,200 customers in just over 3 1/2 years through content SEO and blog marketing.
  • We’ve helped an online games retailer increase web site traffic to over 300,000 visitors per month through social media marketing and search engine optimization.

and yeah as i look deeper the blog, the articles are all about b2b and other marketing activity, and for exact topic they brings in this blog are from they first released, which is 2003 until now,

TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog has provided insights, resources and commentary on a range of digital marketing and public relations topics including:

  • Search engine marketing and optimization
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Business blogging and marketing
  • Online public relations

in my opinion, this blog is really helpful for a new business start-up to promote their business towards online shopping.

that’s all my review about this blog, and i hope this review is giving advantages for whom read it, enjoy!

Creative Blog Designs..


this time is a review about an article, the article reviewing the 80 design blogs that she thought really helpful blog, and the website is :, and enjoy!

Post Pic

They categorized each of the blogs into one of ten main categories: All-in-OneInspirationTutorialsWeb Development/CodeFreelanceLogos & TypographyAdvice & DiscussionFreebies & GiveawaysBlogging, andMicro-Blogs/Links. this article want to make it easier for reader to find what you are looking for. Hopefully you’ll be able to find a few blogs here that will be helpful to you in your design career.

1. all in one –

These blogs have a little of everything, and are a one-stop-shop for anything and everything design-related.

2. inspirations –

These blogs are a constant source of inspiration, with showcases and galleries galore.

3. tutorials –

Looking to learn something? These blogs are for you!

4. we development/code –

These blogs focus on web design and the programming side of design, covering topics like XHTML, CSS, PHP and many more.

5. freelance –

These blogs are geared toward freelance designers. They are full of helpful advice and resources.

6. logo & typography

These blogs feature logo design posts, and/or focus on typography.

7. advice and discussions –

These blogs dig deep with relevant posts, professional advice, thoughtful answers to timely questions, and much user discussion.

8. freebies and giveaways

These blogs are packed with free brushes, icons, patterns and more.

9. blogging –

Blogs about blogging and blog design.

10. micro-blogs / links

These blogs gather and post design-related links from across the web.

there are 80 of them, so you can see all of them in the original article hehe

i’ve seen several of them, and it proves that the blog is really helpful, and i recommend I really like Six Revisions a lot, and Design Shard is nice too.

and there are another good blog for you! enjoy 🙂


Good evening all, today i’m gonna review a blog called

well, this blog is very simple but really inspiring. there are many stories about creativity in any ways.

for example, in one article, the blog said :

“A better expectation for creative work would then be to simply explore, learn, grow.”

other article said that creativity is all about combining what we love to a creative works. like the picture below :

to know all the inspiring stories, we can go straight to the webpage hehehe

hope this review will help you to develop your creativity! yeay! 🙂

thank you and enjoy!

How to Enhance Creativity in School Children?


in this time, i will review an article that talks about how to enhance children’s creativity in school. the original article is from the author is Kelli Cooper, she is a freelance writer who specializes in education topics among others. 

well, after i read the article, it remind me of my 5 years old little sister, in her age, she is very active and smart in someways and  this article says that enhancing creativity may offer benefits academically, developmentally, and emotionally. this article is intended more for teachers but it is also useful for parents who are having kids especially in kindergarten. so, there are some alternatives that can enhance their creativity,

1. word games – actually, this is basically a games that maybe every elementary kids would do on their break time, but who will know that this game will make them more creative. this game is a great way to encourage children to think creative because it allows them to make connections between different words and also they could make a new relationship between 2 different words.

2. Visual Thinking Games – this games actually will encourage children to use their imagination. we can give them some images, and then we ask them to tell what they see in the picture. the answers could be in any perspective because every children have their own imagination and it would be best if we do not judge any of their perspective because i t would hamper their thinking process.

3. drawing games – as we all know, to draw something, we need our imagination, and it is good for children because in their age, their imagination is amazing. to make them more creative, we can give some base drawing like a line or circles, and they should continue the drawing based one the basic line or circles. Certain types of drawing games can help students build on existing concepts, knowledge and ideas, another key aspect of number of their drawings and build a story around the images. Afterwards, everyone can share their stories.

overall, creativity will not help them only in school but also could help their life more cheerful and colorful.


Thank you – have a nice day!

The Electic Curiosity – Creative Generalist

Hello! annyeong!

The third post from me will be a review (again), this time, i’m reviewing one blog, which is . at first, i cannot understand what this blog for, well actually i don’t know what generalist mean, so i just guessing from its homepage as shown below


In the homepage, there is somehow like a slideshow that gives a good words, and i finally realize that in the slideshow is one of a million keys to be creative. the first slide is Wander & Wonder – Finding possibility, it means to entertain curiosity and ask unasked questions, it is the overview of the blog. the second slide is Synthesize & Summarize presenting information, which means connect the dots and present complex info succinctly, or it can be inspiration to be the creative one. in the blog, inspiration could be from news from other blogs, and for vacation, there are some references adding to vacation. next is the third slide which is the blog, it is Link & Leap Generating ideas, to take a simple insight and find a transcending application. the fourth is Mix & Match, that the blog is connecting people by making words collide and harness collaborative energies. finally, the last one is the profile about this blog, Experience & Empathize – understanding worldview, by understanding humanity and life’s many interrelationship.

In other words, this blog is an outpost for curious divergent thinkers who appreciate diversity, broad thinking, widely inspired ideas, and addressing issues globally. inside the blog, there are a community for generalist. they said

“This community’s goal is simply to define what it is to be a creative generalist and build a directory of sorts for those who specialize in everything.

Generalists, you’re not alone. And you really should meet each other. Welcome.”

The capture of the community of generalist is as shown above,



That’s all from me about this creative generalist, hope you enjoy reading it. annyeong! 🙂

30 Big Ideas, Trends and Predictions for 2012

hello again! 안녕하세요 여러분!

This time, i’m gonna review an article that talks about big ideas, trends and prediction in 2012, well today is 2013, but that’s ok, we will see that their predictions is right or wrong, considering that we all have through 2012. nice, wasn’t it? kekeke

Well, in the article, they mention 30 big ideas, trends, and prediction, which are :

1. Gesture – recognition technology

2. No boundaries

3. Cyberinsurance

4. Proximity – based social network

5. Public – private partnership

6. Business roll-ups

7. Strategic Technology consulting

8. Local and mobile search

9. Social Media for Hiring

10. Outsourcing IT function

11. Personalized business software

12. Increased franchising

13. Reputation reviews for business services

14. The deals space will continue to expand

15. Mobile learning

16. Group incentivization

17. Chinese companies will become a force in global market

18. understanding chatter

19. More ad measurement

20. Expense management in mobile application

21. “bolt-on” acquisitions

22. Navigate the web use voice command

23. Consumer products and technology

24. Innovative workspace service

25. friction-free mobile-device management

26. customized enterprise application stores

27. Disintegration of channel

28. Cloud-based documents and information resources

29. Digital Coupon Book

30. the small businesses that do not currently have a website will be able to get online

In my opinion, there are some predictions true and some is just not right. The predictions that actually happened in 2012 are :

1. number 1 prediction which are gesture recognition which is in Xbox, recognition first came with voice, and now in advance with gesture, like in “” said that :

Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox has the world excited about gesture recognition, but PointGrab says you don’t need a pricey 3D camera to interact with your PC Minority Report-style. The company’s software works with today’s notebook webcams to turn your hand into a multimedia remote. As you’ll see in the video demo below, just waving your hand launches the media player interface, and you can do things like pause or fast forward just by holding your mitt over the appropriate button. Raising and lowering the volume is as simple as rotating your hand clockwise or counterclockwise.

All of this is pretty slick, but why not just use the PC itself to do all this stuff? PointGrab envisions more and more people hooking their laptops up to larger monitors and HDTVs, which would make its technology a lot more practical. Fujitsu is the first notebook maker to license this software for its Japan-only Esprimo NH and LifeBook NH/AH series, but PointGrab says its technology will make its way stateside through another partnership by the end of the year.

2. second prediction that true is Cloud-based document and information resources. This is really happenning in 2012, for example, dropbox or google drive. for dropbox, i have my own experience in using dropbox, my lecture use it for my final project, and it makes us easy to share documents to each others.

3. Proximity-based social networknowadays, talk to stranger is not strange anymore because in some applications in smartphone, there are some applications that allow us to talk with stranger, if we ask something than it will answer us with a good answer, but we don’t know who we talk to, seems a bit stress but this is the reality.

4. Social media for hiring -.the significant example is linkdln

Fourth examples above are things that really happened in 2012, and there is a prediction that i doubt it happens in 2012, which is Navigate the web use voice command, i know today iPhone have siri but it is just for smartphone not for navigating a web.

that’s all for this post, sorry if something mistaken, that is just my opinion. thank you 🙂

Trends Insight! designs, inspirations, innovations.


Hello! This is my first time to write blog, and my first post will be reviewing this blog is kinda interesting because in its first page, the appearance is using flipcard and the news are about everything form hair, food, ads, and others interesting things. like its title which is trends insight, the blog is about recent trends, it is about designs, inspirations, and also innovations. in this blog, you will see many interesting pictures, and it feels like you want to look at them all at once. this blog also has many appearance such as classic, flipcard as in the picture shown above. it has magazine looks too, it makes the reader to read the blog as reading a magazine because there is one big posting and following by others smaller posting. the other one is mosaic that has randomly size of posting, and we can see the blog in sidebar, snapshot, and also timeline. after all, this blog is recommended to read because it has unique design and really interesting to read. annyeong!