Trends Insight! designs, inspirations, innovations.


Hello! This is my first time to write blog, and my first post will be reviewing this blog is kinda interesting because in its first page, the appearance is using flipcard and the news are about everything form hair, food, ads, and others interesting things. like its title which is trends insight, the blog is about recent trends, it is about designs, inspirations, and also innovations. in this blog, you will see many interesting pictures, and it feels like you want to look at them all at once. this blog also has many appearance such as classic, flipcard as in the picture shown above. it has magazine looks too, it makes the reader to read the blog as reading a magazine because there is one big posting and following by others smaller posting. the other one is mosaic that has randomly size of posting, and we can see the blog in sidebar, snapshot, and also timeline. after all, this blog is recommended to read because it has unique design and really interesting to read. annyeong!

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