30 Big Ideas, Trends and Predictions for 2012

hello again! 안녕하세요 여러분!

This time, i’m gonna review an article that talks about big ideas, trends and prediction in 2012, well today is 2013, but that’s ok, we will see that their predictions is right or wrong, considering that we all have through 2012. nice, wasn’t it? kekeke

Well, in the article, they mention 30 big ideas, trends, and prediction, which are :

1. Gesture – recognition technology

2. No boundaries

3. Cyberinsurance

4. Proximity – based social network

5. Public – private partnership

6. Business roll-ups

7. Strategic Technology consulting

8. Local and mobile search

9. Social Media for Hiring

10. Outsourcing IT function

11. Personalized business software

12. Increased franchising

13. Reputation reviews for business services

14. The deals space will continue to expand

15. Mobile learning

16. Group incentivization

17. Chinese companies will become a force in global market

18. understanding chatter

19. More ad measurement

20. Expense management in mobile application

21. “bolt-on” acquisitions

22. Navigate the web use voice command

23. Consumer products and technology

24. Innovative workspace service

25. friction-free mobile-device management

26. customized enterprise application stores

27. Disintegration of channel

28. Cloud-based documents and information resources

29. Digital Coupon Book

30. the small businesses that do not currently have a website will be able to get online

In my opinion, there are some predictions true and some is just not right. The predictions that actually happened in 2012 are :

1. number 1 prediction which are gesture recognition which is in Xbox, recognition first came with voice, and now in advance with gesture, like in “http://blog.laptopmag.com/video-pointgrab-brings-gesture-recognition-to-fujitsu-laptops-more-to-come” said that :

Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox has the world excited about gesture recognition, but PointGrab says you don’t need a pricey 3D camera to interact with your PC Minority Report-style. The company’s software works with today’s notebook webcams to turn your hand into a multimedia remote. As you’ll see in the video demo below, just waving your hand launches the media player interface, and you can do things like pause or fast forward just by holding your mitt over the appropriate button. Raising and lowering the volume is as simple as rotating your hand clockwise or counterclockwise.

All of this is pretty slick, but why not just use the PC itself to do all this stuff? PointGrab envisions more and more people hooking their laptops up to larger monitors and HDTVs, which would make its technology a lot more practical. Fujitsu is the first notebook maker to license this software for its Japan-only Esprimo NH and LifeBook NH/AH series, but PointGrab says its technology will make its way stateside through another partnership by the end of the year.

2. second prediction that true is Cloud-based document and information resources. This is really happenning in 2012, for example, dropbox or google drive. for dropbox, i have my own experience in using dropbox, my lecture use it for my final project, and it makes us easy to share documents to each others.

3. Proximity-based social networknowadays, talk to stranger is not strange anymore because in some applications in smartphone, there are some applications that allow us to talk with stranger, if we ask something than it will answer us with a good answer, but we don’t know who we talk to, seems a bit stress but this is the reality.

4. Social media for hiring -.the significant example is linkdln

Fourth examples above are things that really happened in 2012, and there is a prediction that i doubt it happens in 2012, which is Navigate the web use voice command, i know today iPhone have siri but it is just for smartphone not for navigating a web.

that’s all for this post, sorry if something mistaken, that is just my opinion. thank you 🙂

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