The Electic Curiosity – Creative Generalist

Hello! annyeong!

The third post from me will be a review (again), this time, i’m reviewing one blog, which is . at first, i cannot understand what this blog for, well actually i don’t know what generalist mean, so i just guessing from its homepage as shown below


In the homepage, there is somehow like a slideshow that gives a good words, and i finally realize that in the slideshow is one of a million keys to be creative. the first slide is Wander & Wonder – Finding possibility, it means to entertain curiosity and ask unasked questions, it is the overview of the blog. the second slide is Synthesize & Summarize presenting information, which means connect the dots and present complex info succinctly, or it can be inspiration to be the creative one. in the blog, inspiration could be from news from other blogs, and for vacation, there are some references adding to vacation. next is the third slide which is the blog, it is Link & Leap Generating ideas, to take a simple insight and find a transcending application. the fourth is Mix & Match, that the blog is connecting people by making words collide and harness collaborative energies. finally, the last one is the profile about this blog, Experience & Empathize – understanding worldview, by understanding humanity and life’s many interrelationship.

In other words, this blog is an outpost for curious divergent thinkers who appreciate diversity, broad thinking, widely inspired ideas, and addressing issues globally. inside the blog, there are a community for generalist. they said

“This community’s goal is simply to define what it is to be a creative generalist and build a directory of sorts for those who specialize in everything.

Generalists, you’re not alone. And you really should meet each other. Welcome.”

The capture of the community of generalist is as shown above,



That’s all from me about this creative generalist, hope you enjoy reading it. annyeong! 🙂

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