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Fashion Trend Forecasting

annyeong all !

this time, there will be several images in this blog review. why? because this blog is really interesting and very eye-catching. in the first page, there are shockwave that can move alternately. like the picture below :


trendstop.com provides a suite of trend services and products designed to help you translate the latest fashion and lifestyle trends into best sellers.

Fashion, creative and marketing professionals worldwide subscribe to Trendstop.com’s online memberships for insider access to the most directional fashion trends and forecasts.


I think this blog have an Interesting page,there are  many display images which moves alternately like i said above so that the reader becomes not bored to read. in terms of the contents ,here showing what fashion trends now and how fashion trend in the the next time.

this blog is a heaven for fashionista in the world because the blog really discuss about the trends for the next season.

furthermore, this blog is already  available in mobile that could make their reader easier to reach them.

enjoy the blog by the way! have a good day 🙂




well hello there!

image above is a blog that i will review this time, it is http://www.jwtintelligence.com/trendletters2/#axzz2TjCpK53l

first of all, i like the look of the blog, it is very simple, like “it’s my style” hehe with a nice combination color, pink – yellow – and blue ^^

In my opinion,this blog have a lot of topic in the page,but definitely,this blog give us information about your life in 2012 an 2013 including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and home and personal care.furthermore this blog can determine a hot topic in menu trend report,it can made blogger easy to what’s the trend in every detail in our life. But unfortunately ,the weakness is the blog is too over to show all about report or information in the page,it can made people or blogger confused to choose the topic and make feel  bored because the page is too long.

thanks people! 🙂